This letter from mom to Nadir was written on Sunday, April 14, 2013Nadir

Dear Nadir,

Nadir....My sweet Nadir.

You were the first thing I ever had. You came before furniture and utensils. It was you and I curling up together on a floor in a vermin infested apartment when I left home to go to school.

You never had the best life. I was always moving, but I always took you with me. You never complained.

I bought a house and we were finally content. You told me that you were sick when you were 14..:(

I hope that you forgive me for putting you down.

You were ready. When we were at the vets, you put your sweet face in my hand and closed your eyes. I still cry about you ten years later and miss you from the core of my soul.

I love and miss you Bubbies.

Missing You,


This letter from Mommy to Kholee was written on Sunday, April 14, 2013Kholee

Dear Kholee,

First let me Thank You for spending 18 yrs with me in this world.I know you are only gone in the physical sense and that should be of comfort to me,but it is not.When I found you as a puppy running along the road my heart went out to you. Right from the beginning I knew you were going to be a challenge which I gladly accepted.We were both so unsure of it all and wondering if we were right for eachother. I never gave up on you and I knew we were going to be together forever and love each other beyond words. Kholee I just want to know if you were happy here with me and if I gave you enough ? You were the only constant in my life and my best friend. Who ever would have thought that you the emaciated, scared ,abused beautiful puppy would turn into a gorgeous loyal companion. You were and always will be my insides. The day I lost you was one of the hardest days of my life. I know it was the right time and you were ready to go. So be free my bestie and be the dog you were always meant to be.



This letter from Mommy to Taylor was written on Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Taylor,

Sixteen years ago you came into my life. You were so small and so sick, the vet didn't think you would make it but you proved him wrong. You were the best companion a person could have. Always by my side, loving me. You even liked to lick my hair as if you we're grooming another cat! You were the one constant through my life. The one thing I knew I could count on to be there. Through marriage, divorce, moving, 2 kids (8yrs apart), and another marriage, you weathered it all with grace and love. I will always remember the time when I was recovering from surgery and you only left the bed when I feel asleep. It's amazing how you knew what I needed, sometimes even before I did. I'm am sorry if you had been sick for awhile before I knew it. Even up to the end you were affectionate and playful. The night we lost you, even though you were trying to be your old self, I knew something was wrong. I knew when we took you to the vet that you were not coming back home with us. I am glad I got to say goodbye to you. I wanted to make sure that you knew how grateful I was for the time I had with you. That's why I kept saying "thank you". I couldn't think of anything else, beside I love you, that you needed to hear.

Goodbye sweet girl.



This letter from Your best friend Ken to Tek was written on Tuesday, March 19, 2013Tek

Dear Tek,

You weren't merely my dog, and you weren't merely my best friend. You were a part of my heart, and easily the biggest and best part of my life. From the moment I brought you home, I loved and cared about you more than I did anyone else, and that hasn't changed since the moment you died beside me--my hand stroking the fur on the back of your neck--almost four months ago.

While friends have told me not to feel guilt, and to only remember the good times you and I shared, the truth is that I wasn't always what you deserved. The times I took you for granted, or was too tired to take you for a walk, or too preoccupied with something silly to accept your invitation to play fetch, or wasting my time with someone that didn't care about me when I should have been with you, you seemed to only have one desire: to be directly by my side.

I always thought there would be more time, and I was always preparing for a better future. Not that you could understand me, but I promised you so many times that "better days were ahead". Days in which we'd have a bigger home, you'd have a backyard in which to play, I'd have more free time, and we'd have someone else with us that would love the two of us. I was too foolish to understand that there was no need to look ahead to "better days", because the life we had with one another was perfect. Everything was just right the way it was, because I was with you. If only I had known then what I know now.

I would not be the person I am today if it were not for you. You were there during the lowest periods of my life. No matter the depths of my depression, and no matter how worthless I felt I was, in your eyes there existed no one better. You looked to me for guidance, protection, food, a set of rules, and most of all, for love. I realized that. You likely didn't realize that there were many times that I looked to you for a reason to get up in the morning. There were many instances in which you were the only thing that tethered me to sanity.

Speaking of which, I'm surprised I didn't lose my mind after you were taken from me, particularly in those first few days when waking up brought with it the painful reminder you were gone, or the two-and-a-half months in which I had to unlock and walk through the front door of my old apartment without hearing you bark, seeing you spin, and being greeted before I could remove my coat. I'm proud of myself for keeping it together during the cold nights spent in my queen-sized bed in which my fuzzy, twenty-pound, brown-eyed "space heater" isn't there in your usual spot directly to my right, your back pressed against my chest, my left arm draped over you.

I miss our naps on the living room floor. I miss removing the goop from your eyes, and wiping your perennially runny nose. I miss the way you would stand guard over me--practically DARING anyone to come near me--when I was sick. I miss the way you hated any female that tried to get close to me. I miss seeing the confused concern in your face whenever you saw me cry, and the way you would leap to my side and burrow your head underneath my arm during those times. I miss your ornery demeanor, your peculiar habits, your stinky feet, your bony butt, your general distrust of all of humanity, and those soulful, loving, beautiful brown eyes. I miss you, Tek. I miss you every single day.

I want you to know that I will almost certainly share my life with another dog someday, and I will love him or her with all my heart. There stands a good chance that I will even allow another sheltie into my life. But I promise you with everything that I am, and I swear on your life, my life, and the life we shared together, that I will never replace you. You will always be my dog. When I die, I want my last thoughts to be of you.


Your best friend Ken

This letter from Janet to Ralphie was written on Wednesday, March 6, 2013Ralphie

Dear Ralphie,

I miss and love you each day and feel so guilty that I did not know you were sick and did not know that I did not have much time left with you. I would have done so much more for and with you. I had just had Blake, my first born, and it was overwhelming and all consuming and as a result I fear I neglected you near the end due to the Baby. Kyle says I didn't since he was here to walk you but I feel I did because since I was taking care of my infant and neborn son, I was unable to walk you so I missed out on spending more time with you near the end and did not really know we were even nearing your end.:( For that I am so sorry.:( I love and miss you so much it hurts. The thought of never seeing you again, never holding you again, never looking for you to follow me to each room, throughout the house, etc. is just devastating for me. I'd hoped you and Blakey could have had some good years together instead I feel like I was robbed of you too soon. I try to hold on to the good memories but it's so hard because all I focus on is my pain and hurt at losing you. I had you 14 years, you lived a nice long happy life with me but I want more. I wish you could have lived with me all of my life but unfortunately life does not work that way.:'-( I pray you were happy with me and I pray you knew how much I loved you. I pray you really are in Doggie Heaven looking down upon me with a smile that God willing we will reunite again one day. I love and miss you always Ralphie, there will only ever be one you. It's the end of an era, the closing of a chapter, with you passing away. Now I have a 4 month old Baby Boy and a Husband of nearly two years. You were with me throughout my turbulent single years. I'd gotten you when I was 25, shortly after returning from Panama (the Country) and now I am 39. You didn't make it to be 15 (you died at 14 years and 6 months) or make it to see me turn 40 or to see Blake turn 1 but you were always there for me when no one else was. You saw many people walk in and out of my life from Boyfriends to female friends and associates but you were always that one constant that loved me uncondiionally no matter what and never left my side. I cry as I write this because I miss you so much. What I wouldn't give to look down, on the floor, and see you curled up at the bottom of the bed, near my feet, as you always did. I love and miss you Ralphie Hayes (Gooden) and I always will. Muuuuuah, Mommy will always love you. You were my First Baby and prepared me for Motherhood. Now I have a real Baby and I learned to be responsible for another living being, through you.:) It was just you and I for nearly 15 years.:) You will always be in my heart, mind and prayers. I got your remains cremated and put in a nice Urn with little paws going around the top side so you also will always be with me physically.:) Even when I pass, I want you buried with me.:) I will request, in my will, that your Urn be placed in my casket with me.:( I will always love and miss you Ralphie.:)

Love Always,

Your Second Mommy (second only to your Birth Mommy)

Missing You,


This letter from Mama and daddy to Henry Hobson Schimming was written on Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Henry Hobson Schimming,

That name says so much! Such a regal, gentle dog you were. I cannot believe that you have been gone a year.

I still have your pillow beside the bed and wake up many mornings wishing you'd come upstairs and push the door open, look to see if your Mama and Daddy are asleep and take that deep breath and sigh because we're not awake. I miss having my riding buddy, ready to go anywhere with just an invitation of "Do you want to ride?" Funny how you'd be the first one out of the door and would not have to be told twice to get in the car.

I asked Daddy one day "when God was going to send us another Henry?" and the next day our prayer was answered. Edgar showed up just like you did, is a pit with a heart of gold just like you, loves to go on walks, he is so much like you, we truly believe that your essence is a part of him. Sometimes he cuts that look at me with those big black eyes and I would swear that you are sitting there looking at me. He reminds me so much of you when he lays on his back and sticks his feet in the air as if to say "ahhhh!". We could not ask for a sweeter dog, unless it was you.

Just please know that we miss you so much and not a day goes by the we do not think about you. I know that one day soon we will meet on the rainbow bridge and we'll never have to say goodbye again.

We love you son.


Mama and daddy

This letter from Mom to Dillon was written on Monday, March 4, 2013Dillon

Dear Dillon,

Four and 1/2 years wasn't long enough. I am still in shock that you are gone. Your illness was brief and you did not suffer so I am very thankful for that. I have read the "coping with loss" words and they say to remember good times. There were so many great times in your time spent with me. I remember driving to Austin to pick you up from the rescue. You were so very thin and you were so frightened .. you pooped in the car on the way home! Your first baths were comical ... you were so scared and pooped in the tub. Thank goodness you got used to baths! I loved teaching you what a toy was and how to play. I loved to watch you run ... and boy could you run! You and your best friend Kimber would sound like small ponies running through the fields. You possessed a soft and gentle spirit. So, so gentle.... watching you play with a puppy or kitten would melt anyone's heart. I will miss the way you would come up to me and lay your head in my lap inviting me to rub your sweet, sweet face. My favorite thing about you was your soulful eyes. When you looked at me, your eyes told me how much you loved me. I will miss the way you greeted me with a long low howl. I will miss the way you would stand up with your front paws on the back door to ask to be let in. I will miss your wagging body and all that hair!



This letter from Mamy to Yuki was written on Wednesday, February 27, 2013Yuki

Dear Yuki,

You left us yesterday morning and this house is so empty without you.

I know that you died the best way it could be, sleeping, you fought just about one month with heart cancer, but didn't had any sympoms , so you were so blessed that you didn't suffer.

But I' m here complete lost without you in the house by my were my baby, my world, my love one for 9 years, helping me heal from my mom's death, and so many others hard times, and i took care of all your skin, eye, ears etc problems, and after 4 or 5 cirguries that you to go thru, with all my love and I would do it again a million times if are sooo loved....I really can't get over been away from you right now....I've crying since I heard your last breath.

Sometimes i get desperated just to think I will never hold you in my arms and kiss you ever is killing me right now......

I always was so afraid of the time you have to leave us, and now here we are...and I don't know what to do. I can't even take your bed or your things away. I look for you all the time in the house, your cat bro is looking for you as well.....everytime i go to the bathroom , the kitchen, the room, the tv room, I wait for you to follow me, yesterday i was looking for you to call you to go to bed with is missing you a lot too...but he is all strong bc he sees that he needs to be there for me...but he is suffering a lot.

He is the only one that makes me feel a litlle better....

I remember your happy dance when we invated you to go for a walk everyday, and how you didn't let us forget to walk you in the end of the day crying and winning untill someone take you for the loved walk....that was the thing you loved the most ..not even food or a petting you was better than go for a walk.....

It is good to remember how happy you were when we got back from a long trip and how you demonstrated that you weren't happy that we left you for so long....bitting me very softly teeling me that you didn't like it....

How a good companian you were when we sleep untill late and you loved to stay in bed with us...oh you really loved your bed right beside me.... I remember when you were a pupy i had to give you all your food in my hands bc you didn't like to eat, and when you grow up we had to play that we were going to catch your food so you would eat.....and when we didn't you asked us to do so , winning......ah my love there are so many memories that i could write for hours.....i love you more than anything, i would give everything i have to have you back here with in peace my love, i know you are in dogs heaven bc you just had love inside you, nothing more, you were the most kind dog ever....

Hope we will meet again than i can embrace and kiss your face as i always did and i miss so much to do it baby boy, my little one.....

My beloved baby, i loved you everyday of my life more than anyone could love you, and i always will be forever in my heart.

I'm devasted right now, but someday it will be easier to live without you...i hope.....

Sorry about my poor english , we are from Brazil, but the pain and the grief is the same.....hurts the same.....

Right now I'm 4 moths pregnant of twins and I dreamed before to see my Yuki playing with the kids at hone...bc he loved sooooo much I don't know anything anymore.....i just miss him too much....



This letter from your Ma Deb, Pa Tim and Beacon to Heidi was written on Wednesday, February 20, 2013Heidi

Dear Heidi ,

We were together for 6 years, not nearly long enough, you were the perfect lap sitter and kept me great company in bed when I was under the weather or just wanted a nap. You loved sharing a chair in front of the TV with your "Pa" and he loved you dearly. You had mastered the "art" of hi-5ing and did it often. I will miss the sound of your little "flipper" feet running down the hallway..and the click of your toenails as you make your way up the loved your food..I found myself starting to set out your biscuits on a plate the morning after you left us..I couldn't stop my tears or heartache..Your friend Beacon has been looking and listening for you..she is beginning to understand you are not coming back to us..she will miss your games of tug o' war with the various ropes you two accumulated..You were her best friend and have been there for her since she was a puppy..We all are grieving and will miss the sunshine of your presence in our lives..If I have learned one thing from you, dearest Heidi.. it is to live as you did..loving life and everyone in it..for a not very big dog..your passing has left a huge emptiness in our hearts and our home..we love you Heidi..always, your Ma and Pa and Beacon

Missing You,

your Ma Deb, Pa Tim and Beacon

This letter from Your Dad, Sean to Logan was written on Saturday, February 16, 2013Logan

Dear Logan,

Your passing has been one of the hardest things I have had to face in many years. Maybe since my father passed. Ironic that you left us on the 24th anniversary of Dad's death. I'm hoping you both are together and can see me and the family. We miss you terribly. I am devstated without you. So I wrote you this poem to hopefully let you know how special you are and how much you mean to me:

For Logan, my Faithful Amber Paw

I’m running at a weary pace between the rising and setting sun,

I toil for kin, hearth and pay until my long labor is done.

And most days I can’t tell you did I win, lose or draw?

But everyday meets a cheery end greeted by my faithful Amber Paw.

It’s in those rare few moments when from the world outside I hide,

I sit with my fine furred companion in silence at my side.

When stress and debt and worries wrack the stillness of my night,

I snuggle with my Amber Paw and life just feels alright.

The toll this life takes is dear, and it weighs upon my soul,

But Amber Paw, any time you’re near, your friendship makes me whole.

So many people take from me; sometimes it’s hard to live,

But you my faithful Amber Paw know only how to give.

Though many say you’re just a cat, I see a depth in your golden eyes,

You rest your tawny chin upon my hand and I suddenly realize.

You look at me with love like I’m the Dad that you adore,

From you my faithful Amber Paw, I couldn’t ask for more.

Now the years have got behind us, and both our whiskers have gone gray,

Yes, I knew this time would come, but I begged this day away.

Though your spirit was unfettered, your flesh began to tire,

Yet even when you were feeling down, you never failed to inspire.

I selfishly prayed for more time with you and that your love would always stay,

Still, life’s toll is far too steep, and your bright spirit was called away.

I can’t conceive of life without you my furry, faithful friend,

Your legacy is endless, and I know our Love will never end.

Left in the silence of my lonely room your still body at my side,

Many tears of loss and joy I’ve shed that I surely will not hide.

Now I dream of that great day when our souls are reunited,

In the company of God, family and friends we’ll forever be delighted.

You filled my days with warmth and fun that have left me full of awe,

Now you’re running with the shining Son, my faithful Amber Paw.

I pray the Love we shared in this life will carry me back Home,

And someday I will join you there and forever we will roam…

Love and miss you always Logan


Your Dad, Sean