This letter from ES to Lucy-Lou was written on Saturday, February 9, 2013Lucy-Lou

Dear Lucy-Lou,

I guess you have been gone for a few days now, but we just found out that you really were gone today. When you went missing, we were hoping that you were stuck in some ones shed or something, we were hoping that the worst wasnt reality. You were such a special kitty, you have to be the friendlyest cat I've ever had. It's hard to believe that im never going to call your name and watch you come running again...

You were taken way too soon, only a year old. I love you Lucy-Lou

until we meet again.



This letter from Your Momma and Rockstar to Rhody was written on Thursday, February 7, 2013Rhody

Dear Rhody,

My dearest baby girl Rhody I found you on I-95 when you where not even nine months old. Abandoned, beaten, sick and scared I thought I would rescue you that day but you spent ten years rescuing me.

“You need to think with your head and not with your heart, we have to put her down” they said but I fought so hard for you and you fought harder for me through the years.

My best friend, soul mate, love, muse, comedian, lover of all people, hairy four-legged daughter you brought me and your big brother Rockstar such tremendous joy.

Please remember you will always be in my heart until we meet again and I hope you know how much I love you. My bed, I mean your bed, will never be as comfortable, as warm or as perfect without you laying beside me.

I love you Monkey.

Your Momma and Rockstar.

My Rhody-girl passed away in my arms Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 after a short and painful battle with lung and abdominal cancer. Rhody celebrated her ten year adoptive birthday only one month and a day prior to her passing. She was almost eleven.


Your Momma and Rockstar

This letter from your cat mama to Ash was written on Friday, February 1, 2013

Dear Ash,

Although it has been over six months since you passed, Felicity still answers the question "do you have any cats?" with a "yes we do, but Ash died." Your passing has brought on some of the most difficult questions a three year old can ask: "why did Ash die," "what happens when a kitty dies," "will our other kitties die," "will you die," "will I?" I answer honestly to the best of my ability, but, since she's still asking months later, it's difficult to feel like my answers are giving her what she needs. How selfish of me to wish that you hadn't had to leave us, so that I could be spending time twitching the fishing rod for you to catch and petting your handsome head rather than answering difficult questions inadequately.

We all miss your calm and secure presence; no one has stepped in to fill your place as "head cat," but none of the others really have that "good leader" type of personality. Rory has taken to following Tinkerbell around, as she's the only tabby in the house now. I worried quite a bit about Rory at first, since he depended on you so much, but he seems to have settled now and has even gotten a bit more accepting of us humans! I think that it was a true blessing that you were able to pass at home, as it gave all of us the chance to say a proper good-bye. Still, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you and wish you were still with us (I also still tend to think it's you whenever I happen to see Tink out of the corner of my eye).

The other day, Felicity asked me "which star is Ash on?" and I told her that the next clear night, when the stars are out in force, we'll go out and see if we can find it. When we do find it, make sure you give us a nod or a purr or some small meow: remind us that the connection is still there - that as long as you live in our memories, you're still a part of the family - that no matter what, love never dies . . .


your cat mama

This letter from Regina George to Clark was written on Thursday, January 31, 2013Clark

Dear Clark,

People may think that it is odd that I am writing a letter to a grasshopper that I owned. I just thought that I should, since you were surprisingly a large part of my life. For example, I still remember the first time that you hopped onto my screen door. My friend almost squished you, but I thought that you were so bright. (Even though you were really stupid.) We had so many scary times, and then so many that seemed so silly I lost you in the garage once, and I thought that you went into the lawnmower. I also remember when you had to go get caught because you got loose, and the people next door thought that you were going to bite their children, and give them a disease...STDS. (Or that they would eat you.)

Well, when you DID die, I'm really sorry that it was my fault. I had you for 12 years! Grasshoppers don't live that long! Maybe my mother switched you out...because I think that's unnatural.

But yes, good-bye Clark, and sorry for making your guts stick to the bottom of my shoe.


Regina George

This letter from Sandy Lou to Amanda and Bri was written on Thursday, January 31, 2013Amanda and Bri

Dear Amanda and Bri,

I miss you guys so much because you were adorable together and were so loving. I don't want to say that much because I am already crying my eyes out, but I miss you guys everyday. You were so un-separable to the point where I wasn't able to keep Bri from going into the fire after Amanda. I hope it wasn't painful, and you guys are OK.


Sandy Lou

This letter from me to Toby was written on Sunday, January 27, 2013Toby

Dear Toby,

Saying goodbye to you was very hard. I remember the day I adopted I felt so relieved that we had gotten you out of that cage and how excited you were to just walk and walk and walk...even though you had a long road to good health and spirits. You were the first dog I ever picked out and I think we did a great job together. We lived a fine four peaceful loving years before we sent you off to that Kitty Dude Ranch in the Sky.

Okay. I think that is it for now. I miss and love you.



This letter from Meagan and Abby to Taffy was written on Saturday, January 26, 2013Taffy

Dear Taffy,

I still remember the day I met you. We walked into the breeders house and there you were at only 4 weeks old. I fell in love with you from that first moment. I knew I had to wait another 4 weeks but it was going to be a well waited four weeks. Throughout your whole life, you were always there when I needed you with a big smile on your face. You were the perfect and friendliest dog there has ever been. You were also my champion show dog in 4-H. I always looked forward to coming home from school to see your big smile on your face and your cold nose against my cheek. You were my first dog because I got you when I was about 4 yrs. old. Now I am 14 and had to celebrate my last 2 birthdays without you. Life is not the same without you and your little sister mittens, the cat, misses you a lot. Another member of the family that misses you like no tomorrow is Abby. You were 7 years old when we brought Abby home as an 8 week old puppy. You guys were best friends from the start. Unfortunately, you weren't there for Abby's first dog show, but she made you proud bringing home a champion in obedience and 2nd in showmanship. Everyone else in the family misses you like Nick, Mom, and Dad. I wish you were here right now because mom and dad are getting a divorce and I need both you and Abby. We do have another dog in the family but he lives with dad. His name is Goober and he is a year old Newfoundland. He gets along great with Abby and I love him but he would never take your spot in our hearts. Well Taffy, it's been nice catching up with you and I will defiantly write you another letter soon. I hope you are doing soon and are making new friends. When we do get reunited one day, you, Abby, and I will cross the rainbow bridge together. I love you so much, and miss you a lot everyday.


Meagan and Abby

This letter from ES to Skye was written on Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Skye,

Today marks two years since we said goodbye, since I last gave you a hug, since I last saw your happy face, saw u wag your tail, or ran my fingers through your fur. I miss you so much girl, so, so, much. It's a good thing I have keyko, I can't imagine what life would be like without a dog. I am finally going to get keyko spayed, and then in going to save up so we can enter agility classes. That's something I would have loved to do with you. I think back to all those years we spent together, I was growing up while you were growing old, but except for your greeting muzzle, no one would have been able to tell how old you were. You were always so enthusiastic and full of energy right up to the last month. I remember the morning we took you to the vets that very last time, you had woken up that day feeling better, you were able to stand up, and your tail was wagging as we walked into the vets. It's was sunny, so sunny that chilly January morning, and I knew it was right, I knew it was time for you to go. I also remember walking out of the vets, dogledd and looking back and seeing your tail through the door as we walked away. I wanted to take you home. I wanted to take you home so we could play in the backyard, you me and keyko, together like we used too. I wanted to take you home so I could give you milk bones, and brush you and talk to you and hug you, and so that you could sit obnoxiously close to me, making me give you attention. And I still want to take you home Skye, I want you to come home so bad, but your not going to. So you have too wait untill I get to heaven, I promise I'll do all those things, and me and mum and dad will give you belly ribs all the time. Some people think animals don't go to heaven, but I know you did, and besides, how could Jesus not let someone as perfect as you into heaven? Anyhow, here's some updates. Mum and dad are doing well, dads deffinentially getting older though, so that means grumpier! But you know that dads alway's been on the grumpy side anyways! Luke is doing much better. Anyways, I have to go now,

Untill next time,

Love ES



This letter from Nicole, Daniel, Phibie, and Ty to Nina was written on Saturday, January 12, 2013Nina

Dear Nina,

It's been alittle over 12 hours since we said goodbye. I still can't believe we had to let you go. I feel like my heart left when u did. It was the hardest thing to do, but I know you knew we were there with you. I couldn't watch you suffer and I held you until you were truely gone. You never left my side and I wasn't about to leave yours. Me and Daniel are lost without you here. I'm not ready to move your bed or put up your medicine just yet. When we got home last night from the vet, me and Daniel sat on the couch and talked about the first night you came home from Aunt Jo's. I brought you home the night Aunt Jo passed because the lady you were going home with couldn't take you that night because she went into labor. You gave us 8 wonderful years and had a wonderful life with your sister and brother. You have been my little shadow for the past 8 years and I'm missing you not being beside me right now. Everyone tells us that time will heal our broken hearts but I don't think that I will ever get over this. You will always have a special place in my heart sweet Nina. I know that you and Aunt Jo are together now and that makes me smile. You loved her too. I will get your ashes back next week and plan on spreading some on Aunt Jo's grave and we will keep the rest with us. You had two families that loved you dearly. Phibie and Ty both know something is wrong and I believe Phibie knows you are gone. They will miss you too, Phibie more than Ty I'm sure :) Just know that there won't be a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Until we meet again my sweet Nina! We all love you!


Nicole, Daniel, Phibie, and Ty

This letter from Aunt Itee to Ellie Bear was written on Monday, January 7, 2013Ellie Bear

Dear Ellie Bear,

You were the best niece I could have asked for! Your mama was crazy for getting a kitten when she first moved to Pittsburgh, but I'm thankful she brought you into my life. You had the sweetest little face and I will miss you laying on my chest while we watched TV. I know you are in a better place with no more pain and you can finally eat again. I am so thankful we could spend the day together on Saturday before we had to say goodbye. Your mama made the best decision for you but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Please say hello to Grandpa Ganoe for me, he'll keep you company until Amber or myself get there. As I always told your mom I'd take you if anything happened to her, now you have to take me if I go before the twin.

Love you with all my heart sweet Bear.


Aunt Itee