This letter from Emily to Cupcake was written on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Cupcake,

I know it's been 2 years since you left, and maybe I shouldn't have grief this raw, but I do. Everyone says time will make it better, and if not make it better, at least dull it a little. I haven't found that to be so. I still miss everything about you, and I still cry when I remember all the love you gave so selflessly. When I was a lonely child, you comforted me. When my world came crashing down in a sea of betrayel and despair, you were there. When I saw no other reason to keep going, you held my cying face in your tiny paws and made me laugh as you licked my tears. You gave me reason, and sometimes, you were the only reason.

14 years wasn't enough. You were my baby before I ever had children. You prepared my heart for the endless love they now recieve. You have touched lives that you will never meet because of your devotion to me. I miss your tiny body curled up next to me, I miss your doggy smell of fur and rawhide, I miss your large eyes whose compassion always filled me with joy, and I miss the way you were content only when it was me at your side.

I know you suffered in the end. I knew you were dying by the look on your face. I was going to do the right thing, and hold you in my arms while the vet put you to sleep for the last time. But you climbed into bed with me that night as I was agonizing over the decision, and you sighed happily. By the next morning, you had passed naturally in your sleep. I think you hung on because you knew how much I needed you. I think that you were able to leave when you saw I was strong enough to let you go. I will love you forever. My heart wil always be yours. My children will know what a dear friend you were to me. For a time, you were my world. Now I hope, that when my day eventually comes, we will be in a world together. Always.



This letter from mama to Jezabel was written on Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Jezabel,

We had so many nick-names for you - Jeza-butt-bell, Fluffin', Jezi, and I always called you my girl. Oh how I love my girl! We miss everything about you and the house will never be the same. We come home to an empty house now, but sometimes we think we see you snoozing in a corner. The other day I stepped on my slipper and I thought it was you! I was eating chicken the other night and just the smell of it reminded me how you'd jump up on the chair to be closer to the people food. In the middle of the night when I wake up and can't get back to sleep - I look for you. I expect you to find me like you usually did. I miss you and I know you miss us too. I hope you're happy and I hope you understand. We had such a strong bond; it'll never go away. We had our own communication, and you were in Heaven on my lap when I pet you the special way only I knew how to do. You made us laugh every day. We made up songs about you and we still sing them. You were the best lovin' girl kitty in the world. So much spunk and personality! When I traveled, I worried about you but you were fine. For 17 years you were fine. I expected you to live forever because I couln't bear the thought of losing you. I hope you come back to visit often. I miss your meow. I miss your funny way of communicating with us. I miss your eyes and your fur and your fluffy tail. I miss the warmth of you lying next to me. I wish I could still hold you - but I will hold you in my memory, in my heart, in my dreams, in my thoughts forever. I miss you little girl and I love you forever.



This letter from Jilll - Mummy to Jimmy was written on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Jimmy,

I saw you on Saturday in the vet hospital and you seemed so happy to see us and you seemed to be getting better and yet that same night, May 15, we got a call in the night that you had died. I miss you so and I can't stop crying.

You were my grand-dog. Beautiful, so smart, big ears, tail that never stopped wagging. a coat that gleamed and you gave your mummy so many kisses. A very unusual little dog - cross between a dachshund and a chocolate lab -with litttle stubby legs. He was both fierce and gentle. You're everywhere Jimmy but you're not here. What can I do - I miss you so.

Please if someone is going through the same, please write me

Missing You,

Jilll - Mummy

This letter from Tara Weightman to Daisy was written on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Daisy,

I am so sad that your cycle was ready to pass around. I really loved your ablity to make me smile, even at the hight of my Bipolar, you saved my life so many times I am very sad that I could not do the same for you. I remember your bouncing energy every time I entered a room, didn't matter if I was gone for 5 minutes or 8 hours, you loved me just the way I am, not judgemental. You loved me and looked passed my Mental Illness. I loved how every morning you would like me in the face not allowing me to stay in bed all day, you wanted your walk and where excited that the morning finally came and once again we would go for a walk. I learned from You that love is always possible.

I will always love you, My Daisy-May


Tara Weightman

This letter from Anonymous to Rain Bear was written on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Rain Bear,

I love you. You are my heart and soul.



This letter from Jordan to Irma Cujo was written on Monday, May 17, 2010Irma Cujo

Dear Irma Cujo,

You left so suddenly. They always said you had a heart murmur but nothing ever came of it. We played in the car as we drove home. You nibbled on your knuckles and licked my hand. But when we got home you ran up to your other Mommy and fell over. Within hours your heart failed. That is impossible, your heart was your strongest feature for you loved me.

Impossible, irrational, stubborn, difficult me. Irma, you loved me.

You have been gone 36 hours now. I keep seeing you. I am not sure why I see you. Buddy your big brother dog has realized now you are gone. He is confused. The cats are indifferent, but aren't they always.

Irma, you are my best friend. You went to work with me everyday. You kept me accountable for myself and life. When my MS acted up your look of compassion would encourage me to get up and play with you or take you out. Now what can I do. Today I stayed home from work and sat on my butt. I tried to nap. I tried to sleep but I would wake up and find myself looking for you.

I can't find you. I know you're here. You're in my heart and my mind. It's kind of funny, you had a lot of Facebook and Twitter fans, they all miss you. I guess your personality was just so big.

I am sorry for any pain you may have been in. I hope there was not much. I did what I could. I tried to kiss and love you every waking moment and had I known I can't say I would do anything different, the doctor said your heart was going to fail, I am glad I was able to spend my time with you. My only wish was we rescued you when you were 7 or 8 and I only had you 6 years.

I miss you so much my very best friend.



This letter from Missing My BooBaby to Boo (BooBaby) was written on Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Boo (BooBaby),

Baby Im so sorry I was not here to help you...I know it was a rare thing for Mommy to be out of the house after 10 pm...GrandMa say's God needed you more than me & that's why I was gone when He took you...I never thought in a million years a sack of chips would hurt you...I still look at that bag & wonder HOW you got ur BIG head in it and could not pull it off...I know God took you fast & you didnt suffer...Missy was cleaning your ears when Daddy found you....Baby Im so sorry,Im never gonna forgive myself for leaving the chip where you could get them,I know it's my fault your gone & Daddy Misses You so much....It's hard sleeping without you next to me & I dont feel safe at nite with Daddy at work,You know Missy cant hear well so if someone broke in we would be dead B4 Missy realized what was going on LOl...The nite you Passed away I found sum pretty neat stuff,but You know that cuz I know your here watching,what I would do to feel you brush up against me or have you breathing in my ear like u used to do...I miss ur smell and have not washed the bedding because I dont want to ever to erase ur puppy smell... We are getting alot done around the house But You know that to Im sure...Your grave is pretty Not what I want yet But Im trying my Baby to make it beautiful...I hope u like the lights it was the last box of colored ones we could find...I know your free and running & doing all the fun things you didnt get to do on earth...I hope you dont mind Hank & Baily being ion the pen out back,I want to keep them but I dont think Im ready yet for another baby...I try to be Happy my love but it's hard...I have not spilled my coffee since you left & honestly I miss the hot coffee running down my leg cuz you tripped me & I had to yell Dammit Boo and I know you giggled everytime u made me spill it...The baby misses you so much,he said booboo booboo for days after you left...I take him to ur grave but he dont understand yet...Wild strawberries have over taken ur grave & it's beautiful baby,Missy lays beside you alot & Im scared her day is coming she's so old baby I wake up alot to make sure she's breathing LOL Im such a dork I know Baby...God I MISS YOU...Momma kitty had 5 babies yesterday,Buddy [removed]zu thinks he's the Daddy I guess he sure was excited about the babies They are so cut Boo I KNOW u would have loved them...Boo Please let me know your here that you visit I think I hear You late at nite and sumtimes when Im sleeping I wake up cuz I felt sumthing jump on the bed...O BooBoo I didnt realize how much I needed you till it was too late...Daddy says I need a hobby so I got 6 gold fish & an ugly thing that eats the yuck off the tank the gold fish are relaxing to watch,but Id much rather have your head on my lap watching you sleep my love...Just know I will always alway love YOU & I cant wait to be with You & the boys again please keep Guarding the house from anything bad that could happen...I Love You My Angel 2day & Always

Momma,Daddy,Missy,Buddy,Bandit & all the cats....Rest in Peace My Love Bug Boober Baby

Missing You,

Missing My BooBaby

This letter from JUDY & JOHN to MARK & AMANDA was written on Monday, May 17, 2010







This letter from Mommy to Jay bird was written on Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear Jay bird,

I'm not coping well without you, your little voice calling me from another room . Your big birdie kisses , your laughing . I miss it all. I would rush home from work everyday for the last 12 years just to see you. I loved your hugs and I loved how much you loved me and relied on me. I can't believe your gone . This is the most painful thing I've ever had to face.I miss you soooo much. You were the most affectionate loving parrot I have ever seen in my life and I'm so happy you got to spend yours with me. I loved you from the day I met you and I will love and miss you till the day I die. My home is quiet without you and my heart hurts terribly. All I see in my head was you perking up and getting happy when I came to the hospital to say goodbye. That will forever be the worst day of my life! I love you baby boy , it's so much more than I love you



This letter from Lorraine to rusty scott was written on Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear rusty scott,

I miss you so much, you were my friend and best pal, Never was lonely, you always made me happy. I loved when you would play with your little brown balls. Never letting any other dogs play with them. I will always love and miss you, I am happy i was home when you passed. Love Always, Lorraine (MOM) Love