This letter from Your wife to L was written on Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear L,

You were and still are the love of my life. While I understand that you had no control over your circumstances, I still get angry that you "chose" to finally accept what you had always known and move your life in that direction. I feel like our love should have been enough for you to go on with the life that we built together.

Now, when I look at you, I don't even see the man I married anymore. Simply the woman that took over. I still care for you deeply, but I am no longer in love with you. I feel like I am ready to move forward in my life but fear that in doing so, I will push you into another attempt to take your life. Our children still need you, I still need you. It's a lot of guilt for me to carry and sometimes I hate you for putting it on me.

I often hope that you will meet someone that makes you happy so that I will then be free to do the same.


Your wife