This letter from your mother Kim to Nubbin was written on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Nubbin,

I already wrote you a letter on November 17th, but there is no rule that you cant write twice.The holidays are here and I miss you more than I could ever say.I'm not even sure if we are getting a tree this year.I am not in the spirit this year.It will be my first Christmas without you.You always liked sitting under the tree.This morning I felt your presence before I went to work.It was almost as though you were following me around the house.It felt so comforting,like you were still here somehow.I have to go back to work now.I know I will write you again in the future.You were the best damn cat anyone could ever hope for and you are forever with me all the time.Till I write again.I love you to the moon and tattoo is coming soon!


your mother Kim