This letter from Your mommy, Sheri to Astaire was written on Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dear Astaire,

I can't believe almost a year has passed (12/13/12) since you left me at just 10 yrs of age and went to the "land of slow squirrels". Although we were only together for 7.5 years, I miss you so much every day and wish you could still give guidance to the other whippets in the house like you did while still here on earth. Your days as a show dog in Arizona were grand but the joy you brought to me as a pet (my very first whippet) in NM was just the BEST. We snuggled, we ran, we took long walks, and best of all, you were my soul mate, only interested in yourself and me but providing guidance to the others when asked. Why you had to leave and pass over the rainbow bridge with just 2 weeks notice I'll never fully comprehend. You were stoic, strong-willed, and masked your illness so well. I can still feel your beautiful body laying next to mine, the striking white and fawn coat. Your prancing at the park and your rooing even until your final hours at our home will always be in my heart. Although another whippet has joined our family since you passed, another retired show boy, I know you will continue to speak to him and the others as to what is expected in the house...when it is OK to sleep in your favorite chair, OK to wear your favorite coat, and of course, never OK to wear your favorite collar nor lead. Don't remind the ones here of your counter surfing, though....particularly some of the incidents involving cornbread with your greyhound buddy, Vivian, just before one Thanksgiving! I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.....I KNOW YOU ARE AT PEACE WITH THE OTHERS IN THE "LAND OF SLOW SQUIRRELS".


Your mommy, Sheri