This letter from your mommy and daddy to Lola was written on Monday, December 9, 2013

Dear Lola,

Thinking of you as I often have since you left us... Today July 15, 2014 would have been your 10th birthday...I miss you so very much...I hope you are free and I do know you are watching over us, in fact I know you had a say in helping bring Milo into our blessed to have had the opportunity to recue him, just wish you would be here to enjoy his company as well... Happy Birthday my precious Lily...forever in our hearts you'll be....

What can I say- were missing you- your look, your smell, your quirks, your precious soul, your presence…I can’t seem to understand why you were taken away from us. We don’t know life in our home without you- you were an extension of us and we spent 9 beautiful years together. We got you as a puppy and saw you grow into the greatest companion one could ever have. We’ve been through a lot my friend…through our many painful losses, and there have been many…you were there to comfort us, but now we are mourning you. I hope you didn’t suffer too long. It was painful to watch you gasp for air and lay there motionless staring into nothingness…what were you thinking, what were you seeing? I hope you knew we were there with you till your final breath-comforting you as you crossed over to a life free from illness and suffering. I’ll always remember the way you looked into my eyes as your soul departed your suffering body, but I’ll remember more the look you gave us each day we walked through the door, your greeting and your excitement to see us home from work. The way you looked forward to the same meal everyday was beyond my understanding, and that you would do anything for food- even a crumb, and how we shared yogourt...I can go on forever, too many moments to mention. The happiness you gave us and the how you entrusted your life to us is a true testament of love. We shared such a strong bond. So now we are left to go on without you…so many things we didn’t get to do together…but so much we are fortunate to have shared with you. It was an honor my beloved Lola to have had you in our lives- we miss you and love you…beddy bye time Lola– until we meet again.


your mommy and daddy