This letter from your Ma Deb, Pa Tim and Beacon to Heidi was written on Wednesday, February 20, 2013Heidi

Dear Heidi ,

We were together for 6 years, not nearly long enough, you were the perfect lap sitter and kept me great company in bed when I was under the weather or just wanted a nap. You loved sharing a chair in front of the TV with your "Pa" and he loved you dearly. You had mastered the "art" of hi-5ing and did it often. I will miss the sound of your little "flipper" feet running down the hallway..and the click of your toenails as you make your way up the loved your food..I found myself starting to set out your biscuits on a plate the morning after you left us..I couldn't stop my tears or heartache..Your friend Beacon has been looking and listening for you..she is beginning to understand you are not coming back to us..she will miss your games of tug o' war with the various ropes you two accumulated..You were her best friend and have been there for her since she was a puppy..We all are grieving and will miss the sunshine of your presence in our lives..If I have learned one thing from you, dearest Heidi.. it is to live as you did..loving life and everyone in it..for a not very big dog..your passing has left a huge emptiness in our hearts and our home..we love you Heidi..always, your Ma and Pa and Beacon

Missing You,

your Ma Deb, Pa Tim and Beacon