This letter from Your Father and Friend, Dustin to Alaska Sky was written on Wednesday, January 26, 2011Alaska Sky

Dear Alaska Sky,

It astounds me how many lives you touched when you were by my side. The folks at hospital send their love. Mom and Sandy wish that you were back with me again. The last few days have been long. They worry about me, but I assure them that you are with me still. You will be forever.

Remember this picture? It had poured the last three days, and you just wanted to get outside again. I let you out and ran some errands for just a little bit. When I got back, I looked outside and saw you romping in the mud. Oh gosh, you were covered from nose to tail tip. I couldn't be mad, because you looked so happy. You know me, always having a camera handy, I had to snap a couple of pictures. The first one I took, you looked like you were about to get in trouble. Yet, as the camera clicked you realized that you were on stage. You loved the attention of the camera, and I loved photographing you.

I brought a black and white shot into the group, and they fell in love instantly. You have that ability. The ability to captivate and hold hearts. Your love for kisses and everyone's lack of objection from taking them was inspiring. How did you do that so easily, love? I mean these were people who frowned on puppy kisses, and yet they would let you cover them. Like I said, you just have that ability.

I know as time passes the pain will get a little easier to deal with. It will not happen over night. I believe that I will carry this pain for a long time. On the other hand, I can feel your spirit with me still.I know you are next to me every moment and in my lap licking the tears from my face. I love you, my beautiful Alaska Sky. Let's go play in the mud again.

Also, Chance says he misses and loves you. He is lonely without his playmate.


Your Father and Friend, Dustin