This letter from your family to Scooter was written on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear Scooter,

You brought so much to our lives, and I only hope we gave you as much joy and love as you gave to us. You didn't ask for much, just some food, pets, and snuggles on cold nights. You loved the sunny spots that traveled across the lawn in the afternoons, and you were so innocent. I pray every day that you knew how much you were loved, all the way to the end. Your pain was so visible, and every day you suffered, it broke our hearts. I wish there was something more we could have done, I wish I had a magic wand.

You deserved to be at peace, and we miss you so much. I hope that where you are now there is no more pain and you can eat all the fish and chicken you want. I hope there are sunny spots all day long, and cozy places to snuggle if it gets chilly.

We will always miss you.


your family