This letter from Your Dad, Seth to Otis was written on Saturday, June 18, 2016Otis

Dear Otis,

What can I say? It's taken me a long time to sit down and write this letter. Largely, this is because I find myself often without the words to express the depth of my emotions, or more importantly, the enormity of the place you occupy in my heart.

We met when someone thought you weren't worth keeping because you were "ugly." They let you run free around the neighborhood and it's a miracle you weren't hit by a car. Ugly? You are the sweetest dog inside and out, and quite handsome!

You were skeptical of everyone when you first joined us at the house on Camilla. Within weeks however, your wily self emerged, running in the yard, chasing the ball and even accompanying a few bike rides.

How anyone could *not* have wanted you is incredible to me; it took all of about 5 seconds for anyone to fall in love with you! And, you loved to show off. I showed you a few tricks and you were always so eager to perform them. In fact, it was your tricks that first attracted your mama to me. She absolutely fell in love with you first!

When you met Pushkin, we knew it was kismet as you two hit it off immediately. Within minutes, you were chasing the Billy Pilgrim toy around the house and knocking around. The memory is still so vivid, I call upon it often when I'm missing you.

Otis, I want to say thank you for 12 years of laughs, love, and daily joy. Every day is a gift, and having you in it made every day so extra special. Now, not having you here is hard, but I am grateful for the way you changed me and helped me find a greater depth of love for all beings. And, I know, in some way, you're a part of everything around me... When we walk in the park past your favorite tree, when Galileo does his business on the slope where you once did, I know that you are all around us, still there, still showing G what to do.

You'll always be my wingman.


Your Dad, Seth