This letter from Your Dad, Sean to Logan was written on Saturday, February 16, 2013Logan

Dear Logan,

Your passing has been one of the hardest things I have had to face in many years. Maybe since my father passed. Ironic that you left us on the 24th anniversary of Dad's death. I'm hoping you both are together and can see me and the family. We miss you terribly. I am devstated without you. So I wrote you this poem to hopefully let you know how special you are and how much you mean to me:

For Logan, my Faithful Amber Paw

I’m running at a weary pace between the rising and setting sun,

I toil for kin, hearth and pay until my long labor is done.

And most days I can’t tell you did I win, lose or draw?

But everyday meets a cheery end greeted by my faithful Amber Paw.

It’s in those rare few moments when from the world outside I hide,

I sit with my fine furred companion in silence at my side.

When stress and debt and worries wrack the stillness of my night,

I snuggle with my Amber Paw and life just feels alright.

The toll this life takes is dear, and it weighs upon my soul,

But Amber Paw, any time you’re near, your friendship makes me whole.

So many people take from me; sometimes it’s hard to live,

But you my faithful Amber Paw know only how to give.

Though many say you’re just a cat, I see a depth in your golden eyes,

You rest your tawny chin upon my hand and I suddenly realize.

You look at me with love like I’m the Dad that you adore,

From you my faithful Amber Paw, I couldn’t ask for more.

Now the years have got behind us, and both our whiskers have gone gray,

Yes, I knew this time would come, but I begged this day away.

Though your spirit was unfettered, your flesh began to tire,

Yet even when you were feeling down, you never failed to inspire.

I selfishly prayed for more time with you and that your love would always stay,

Still, life’s toll is far too steep, and your bright spirit was called away.

I can’t conceive of life without you my furry, faithful friend,

Your legacy is endless, and I know our Love will never end.

Left in the silence of my lonely room your still body at my side,

Many tears of loss and joy I’ve shed that I surely will not hide.

Now I dream of that great day when our souls are reunited,

In the company of God, family and friends we’ll forever be delighted.

You filled my days with warmth and fun that have left me full of awe,

Now you’re running with the shining Son, my faithful Amber Paw.

I pray the Love we shared in this life will carry me back Home,

And someday I will join you there and forever we will roam…

Love and miss you always Logan


Your Dad, Sean