This letter from Wendy South to Marley was written on Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Marley,

Your human mom, Lynn, spoke to me today and told me that you had passed peacefully earlier this week. That feeling of loss arose as she was talking, but if I had not had the pleasure of meeting you, I would have been less that I am today. Even though we met but once in your lovely yard, Lynn and I had consulted on several occasions about your old-age afflictions. I can sympathize with that, Marley, because I too am no longer the picture of youth!

However, I must say that you were a most handsome fellow! I bet you were quite the lady charmer when you were young, catting around with all the females. Lynn said that you had a good evening when groomed by your master the day before you left us. And he gave you a pep talk, I hear. Then you were so relaxed that you decided to nap under your favorite bush in the comfy in the love... you passed quickly.

I'm writing this remembrance to you to let Lynn know that you occupy a special place in my heart too, AND because I know that you will be very proud of yourself to have made such an impression on a non family member.

So rest in peace, my good man. You were loved and mingled with the souls of your human friends.


Wendy South