This letter from Vanessa & Patty to Hunu (WhoKnew) was written on Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Hunu (WhoKnew),

It is with great sadness that we let you go this week. What was first diagnosed as kennel cough ended as congestive heart failure. As we understand it, your disease grew fast and furiously over the course of the last month. Little could be done by the time your symptoms showed themselves.

Our time with you was way too short. That said, we had a wonderful life together full of adventures for the last year and a half – you enriching ours immeasurably and us enriching yours so that you got to bust out of a life of trauma to a much better one, we hope. Dora Sesler’s important work at Project Pet Rescue brought you to us and for that, we are grateful.

When we first laid eyes on you, we had no idea what you would bring to our lives,

*WhoKnew you’d be so cute?

*WhoKnew you’d be so unpredictable?

*WhoKnew you’d love to lie under our blankets at night and snore louder than Patty or me for that matter?

*WhoKnew you’d go too soon?

*And, WhoKnew it was possible to miss your sweet sleepy face so much?

In the afternoon of the day you died, we decided to put our holiday lights up in memory of the way you lit up our lives, our hearts, our hopes.


Vanessa & Patty