This letter from Uncle Emilio to Bran was written on Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Bran,

The floors that were scratched have now been refinished and soon so the carpet where you soundly slept.

I know when we "talk" that you are right there to listen; but oh, how I wish to see your smiling face once more, to call out "where's my boy" when I enter our home, to hold you and call you my little angel, my baby boy.

At the bridge of the rainbows I’ll find you I know but what about now when I need you the most?

Note: Bran, a Kerry Blue Terrier and the love of my life went to sleep in my arms June 17th 2011. He was 14 1/2. We tried everything; chemo, holistic therapy, no expense was too much just to hold onto him a few months more. But we knew that for his sake we had to let him go.


Uncle Emilio