This letter from Tori to Galadriel (Gally) was written on Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Galadriel (Gally),

I miss you very much you were a big part of our family. We treated you like my sibling and mom and dad treated you like their child. You were spoild rotten, but a wonderful family pet. Throughout my childhood years you were always there for me when I needed comforting and, although you never spoke, you always knew how to make me feel better. I know all our family misses you terribly even after 2 years and getting our new dog, Chelsea, hasn't replaced you in our hearts. I use to be able to hold up in movies when a dog passed, but ever since we lost you I've never been able to hold myself from shedding a waterfall of tears because I miss you so much. You've been my insparation for everything in school from writing to my artwork and you and Chelsea are still always on my mind. November 6, 2008 was one of the saddest day of my life. That morning dad told me to say goodbye to you since you might not return from your trip to the vets. That morning while you were outside before going to the vets something terribly wrong happened. I've never really gotten the whole story, but from what I remember you had a stroke. You survived untill you got to the vets and dad made the hardest decision of his life to euthanize you so you wouldn't be in anymore pain. When I came home from school my closest friend, and sister, in the whole world was gone. It was very rough for the family, dad secretly cried outside after dinner because he always took you out after dinner every night. He couldn't do that anymore though. We've held up pretty good over the years and Chelsea has helped. Although she's not you, we love her with all our hearts and care for her as well. She's aslo a spoild dog just like you were and goes for many walks during the day. Shes had some behavior issues lately and its been so hard that dad has said if we didn't end up with Chelsea, she probablly would have been ut down by now. If there's any way you can guide her to control herself, she needs the help. 2 whole years and we still think about you every day and i have many pictures around you around my room and i sleep with 4 sheltie stuffed animals everynight n when I'm having a hard time i cuddle up to one and ask you for help. You were a beautiful and smart dog so we all hope you are happy wherever you are and no pain is coming to you. We love and miss you so much, you were a wonderful family pet.