This letter from Tom to Woody was written on Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Woody,

After A long period of watching my best friend slowly going downhill, I made the decision that I thought would come later than sooner. It breaks my heart to lose him and I know I'll never recover from it. I did what was best for him not me. I know he was suffering but he would never show it. He gave me one long lick on the face more to tell me thanks for a wonderful life and to finally let him go. He was a Therapy dog that made many, many people happy. That was the great part of owning such a great dog. Therapy for so many people. He just loved to do it. Yesterday when I had him go to the happy hunting grounds was not such heartache as it is today. I know the decision was right for him and I just think now I was being selfish for not letting him go sooner. He's with all of his friends and I hope to god I'll see him again. A mother was telling her little girl that dogs have short lives and the girl said that's because they love so hard their whole life it takes every bit of energy out of them. I believe that. I know it takes time to heal heartaches but this one is forever. I love you Woody and I hope you are free of pain now. I also have another yellow lab(Lucy) that knows he's in a better place. She's not the same as she was yesterday. I'd Like to Thank my wonderful mother, sisters, my Niece and mother-in-law for being there for me. You just never know how much you love them until they are gone. Woody you'll never be forgotten. Please God take great care of him. I know you will.