This letter from The Ms to Rosie was written on Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Rosie,

My Rose. My sweet, sweet Rosie. Not sure why it's been so hard to accept my "see you later" that beautiful afternoon of March 8th. I kissed you on your head and left as I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye. I'm sorry you were hurting and I'm even more sorry we couldn't do more for you. I am not sure why I still cry when I think of you. You were a black and white nightmare tamed by few but incredibly loyal and loved. I will forever remember how Tim described your last hour. In that final sixty minutes, you were exactly what you should have been all along. We know you always meant well, despite your actions proving otherwise. I thank you for finding Red Dog and Black Dog to check on me when I'm away. They are truly an extension of you. In the last few days, I keep expecting you to be there despite two months since you left us. You are a beautful soul no matter how many shoes we lost, no matter how much of a mess the carpets have become. You have made us all stronger in some way. I know that Jon is taking care of you up there and you can eat all the chicken and pizza you want. The wind is calm, storms have subsided and you can even open a pizza box with your paw holding it closed.

All our love.


The Ms