This letter from Sister to Mr. Weenie was written on Monday, April 16, 2012Mr. Weenie

Dear Mr. Weenie,

We miss you. I have a lot of regrets during that time that I cant shake. Leaving you at the vet when you were hurt to go to my sisters wedding. I thought we would come back and see you again. You must have been scared and lonely. The thought of you feeling like we abandoned you there torments me. That you may have thought we didnt want you anymore hurts me still. I wish we could have seen you once more before you left us. To comfort you and hold you.

When our mom found out she was devestated by your passing. She cried for a long time and she doesnt usually cry. She cried your name. Even dad was sad for you. We all thought we would have so much more time with you and that youd be with us for the rest of your life, which you were, but not long enough.

When you were injured I wish we had noticed sooner. But you layed in your bed and didnt make a noise. You were a tough a little dog. When brother noticed the blood on your other side...we took you to the vet and he wasnt there and we were turned away! You were bleeding out and i was so so upset I could scream. So we had to take you to another vet that we didnt care for so much.

To leave you there was a tough decision. To leave to another state while you were there was even harder. of course we thought youd make it...

I loved snuggling with you under the covers, playing fetch and tug of war with socks. The daycare kids were sad when they found out you had died. You were like a kid in the daycare too...a buddy a freind.

The vet wanted to creamate you but I couldnt let them do that. We brought you home to us. We took the IV's out of you...and cleaned you up. Then we buried you in moms garden that you loved soo much. Under the sunflowers in the shade where you would lay every summer and watch mom garden.

You are always with us in our hearts and memories. We did not abandon you Mr Weenie, brother tots, we love you and miss you every day. Daisy missed you too. She lays in your bed now and plays with your toys. I love you. We love you always and forever and ever.