This letter from Sarah to Mohawk was written on Monday, July 11, 2011Mohawk

Dear Mohawk,

I can't believe your really gone, it still doesn't seem real to me. You were only sixteen months old when you went to live with Jesus. I can't eat or sleep and the spot on my bed is empty. My heart is forever broken when I see only one cat sleeping on the rocking chair. And when I cry there is nobody to wipe the tears off my face with their fluffy grey hair. I love it when you would wake up in the night and rub against my face and purr, and curl up by my face. I love it when you jump on my back when I come home from a long day, I love the sound of your purring, and the sound of your meow, and the way you look at me with your eyes when I open a container of yogurt for breakfast. I miss watching you try to catch the bugs on the grass, or stalk the leaves that blow in the wind. I miss watching you and Tigger "fight" and "wrestle". I miss seeing you in the tree's, and watching you torture mice that bravely wander into our yard. I miss the way you sniffed my nose when I would call your name and ask for a kiss. I miss seeing little grey paws appear under the door while I am in the bathroom. I Love chasing you around the house and when you jump into boxes and hide in them and pretend I can't see you! (even though the box is open) I miss taking you on car rides. I miss the squeaky sound you made whenever you were stalking something (lazer light, bugs mice, leaves etc.). I miss the way you would look at me and respond to me whenever I was talking to you, I miss the conversations we had. You taught me how to love others, and how to be tough when hard times came. You taught me that there is always loving you and waiting for you to come home. There are no words to describe my love for you. But never forget that I LOVE YOU. And I know we will see eachother again someday, and I will once again be able to cradle you in my arms.

Missing You,