This letter from Sam to Bubba was written on Friday, November 2, 2012Bubba

Dear Bubba,

I think about you every day. It has been over 3 years since I let you go, but still I find it hard to talk about you without feeling overcome with emotion. You were my friend, my child, my parent, my teacher and my confidant. You were me.

As first I didn't feel you here with me, but now I feel you so strong in my heart and soul, I understand that I never lost you. I could never lose you.

But, I do miss the way we would spoon together on the sofa or the bed and the way you would lick my nose if I blew in your ear. I really miss that. My new friends are crazy funny, Roxy and Pigeon - I think you would like them, but I suspect you would find them annoying!! They are super high energy and quite scatty. You were always the Buddah. Buddah Bubba - my beautiful, gentle, stoic and wise Whippet. I do miss you Bubba. I don't think I believe in the Rainbow Bridge, but I hope I am wrong and I hope you are there with Moose and Mia and Bertie, playing and having fun. And if such a place exists I hope I will meet you there one day. That would be paradise. I still have a little of your ashes - I think I fantasize that maybe one day, if the singularity happens in my lifetime that I might be able to bring you back - all of you - your body, your mind, your memories, your essence, your love.

I miss you so much Bubba - I hope you are happy and running like the wind, chasing squirrels and skipping high in the air the way I remember you.

You taught me that I could be a mother, that I could love and be responsible, that I was loveable. You loved me. And I love you. Thank you, Bubba, thank you.

Please if you have time, visit me in my dreams - it means so much to me when you pop by and I get to see you briefly. Life was so hard for me for so long after you died and it is only now I can see the light again. So it will only bring me joy to see you in my dreams.

Wish I could hug you again and stroke your velvet coat. Love you. LOVE YOU!! Be safe, play and know you will live forever in my heart.

Missing You,