This letter from Ryan to Sam was written on Thursday, November 30, 2023Sam

To Sam,

Hey Sam. These past 5 months since you passed on have been rough. I miss seeing your face every time I come home from work or somewhere else. I miss our walks and our bonding times. You gave me so much joy at home. It still feels so weird that you're not here anymore. I'm grateful to have had you for 16 great years. I made this poem for you. I call it "Special Blog to my Special Dog"

I remember when I first got you

It was love at first sight

Full of energy you were

My feelings you did excite

A beautiful corgi you were

The cardigan breed you display

Rare dog it really is

Hard to find in the USA

Our walks were so much fun

In the rain or shine

Just walking in the breeze

Also with the smell of pine

The dog park was also cool

Seeing you make friends in the sun

You really seemed so happy

The way you barked and run

When I came home from school

Always someone I looked forward to

Tail wagging with excitement

That special someone was you

I even loved taking you to baseball games

Those quite the weekends

The outside filled with excitement

Even showed you to my friends

When I went away to college

I knew you wanted me to stay

You were still in good hands

You were going to be ok

When you barked at night

At times it wasn’t fair

Still one fact really mattered

It was knowing you were still there

Now you cross the rainbow bridge

Our bond will never end

See ya later Sam my dog

Thanks for being my best friend