This letter from Rocky Mercurio to Rocky Mercurio was written on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dear Rocky Mercurio,

My darling Rocky boy how I miss you so. It has been three weeks today since we had to say our goodbyes. It was 10.5 years ago that your Dad was working on a house and I decided to viset him on the job. Your Dad said there are boxer puppies here only 4 weeks old. You were born April 29/2003. There were eight of you. Your brother's and sisters were all so darling. You came toward me in your awkward puppy way and it was as if you chose me. I quickly ran outside and excitedly said to your Dad, I love them but I know there is one with an all black face that I really want to bring home. Well that day we decided when it was time you would become part of our family. I began the process of puppy proofing and reading about boxers and buying gifts for you. I had always longed for a child of my own and it never happened. I had always wanted a dog to love and knew one day it would come to tuition. We got so lucky with you Rocky. What great fun you were right from the start. So playful, so smart, and so affectionate. You were hard to resist. Everyone loved you. The way you would fly so gracefully of the deck and leap in the air chasing the squirrels around the yard was a beautiful thing to watch. You would perch yourself on the back of the sofa gazing out the bay window waiting patiently for us to get back home. When we opened the door there you were with one of your toys in your mouth and wagging that little tail of yours. I loved the way you would bend inhalf when you got excited. You gave me the best 10 years of my life. I miss our daily walks on the beach and down the path to the river. I miss my wet kisses all over my face. I miss tucking you in at night and saying our prayers together. I miss your long stairs that we would do from time to time. I know I'll see you again in heavin. I wish we could have had another 10 or 20 years together here, but I will see you in heavin. Dad and I love you so very much Rocky.

P.S. I know you are having a lot of fun with your family and friends that made it to heavin before you did. I have a lot more work to do here but when I'm finished I'll be home to see you.

Love Mom

Missing You,

Rocky Mercurio