This letter from Pia to Teddy was written on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Teddy,

I thought this concept was a bit weird, but what the hey. I miss you. And it feels sometimes like people aren't supposed to miss pets. But you were awesome. I guess the part that makes it hurt the most is that, when you were a pup, I was 5. We grew up together. And you knew me as a kid. It feels like everyone who knows me knows me know just knows this [removed]ty, odd, flawed adult version of me... you got to know me when I was happy with who I was. You represent a time I wish I could go back to. But when you died when I was 17, my childhood died along with you. The world we shared was awesome, and the world you left behind is lonley as all hell. I don't like being a grown up. You never let me down like people do. I love you. I think of you all the time. Espcially when I see another Schnauzer. I've never seen another as nice looking as you though. I don't know what to do Ted. I hope that you're at peace. You were the best dog anyone could ask for.