This letter from Pam to Monty was written on Tuesday, November 18, 2014Monty

Dear Monty,

13 and a half years ago I recall being asked if I would look after an EHS auction pup - I asked what breed of dog and when I was told English Cocker Spaniel I figured I wouldn't get attached. Well, that couldn't have been further from the truth. I fell hard for you little Monty - and you became my all time best bud. Wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

You were there through my all time highs and all time lows - tail forever wagging or sitting next to me with your head on my lap just letting me be in the moment - what a gift. I knew nothing about “training” a dog - all I knew was that I loved you and needed to take the best care possible of you. We did so much together - long walks - squirrel chasing (that was all you - I didn’t partake) - long car trips to Texas or Louisiana and of course vacations to Vermont with Sharon (your pack and my pack). Those were the best - you loved Lake Champlain - for all three of us it was our favorite place on earth. You just loved the water and could spend all day in it if we let you! Believe it or not doggy paddling wore you out so I bought you a life vest to help with the fatigue factor. As soon as we grabbed that life vest and showed it to you - you knew it was Monty time at the shore of Lake Champlain. Seeing you run with your ears flapping back and that tongue hanging out and that glimmer in your eye was such a site. I knew how happy you were to be there - and us too. We would spend hours throwing rocks into the water watching you chase each splash that occurred once they landed. One summer you learned how to submerge your head underwater and blow bubbles while trying to retrieve the large shells that often found their way to the shore. Another activity that you could spend a fair amount of time doing. Such amazing memories with such a loyal companion. I will forever hold them close to my heart.

Monty, you were not a grumpy pup – even in the face of the many medical issues you were handed during your time with me. You endured 3 major surgeries on that darn left hind leg of yours. Through it all you just patiently waited for the cone to be taken off and the last of the meds to be given – without so much as a whimper. This last issue – inflammatory bowel disease did get the best of you my boy. We tried everything - to no avail. I knew it was time, when the little dog who lived to eat had no more interest in food. It pained Sharon and I to take you to the vet that one last time – but we did – for you (not for us as we would want you to stay forever), as you had grown weary and we knew you were in pain. There was no curing this issue. So we bid you farewell - … I hated that day.

About a month and a half after my least favorite day with you – Sharon and I took a trip to Dog Mountain to visit Dog Chapel (Welcome: All Creeds, All Breeds, No Dogmas Allowed) which is in (you guessed it) Vermont. I needed to say good bye to you in my own way – and the Dog Chapel was the place to do that. It’s where pet parents can go and leave a note for the fur kid they have had to part with. So that’s what I did. It was a rainy day in Connecticut when we made the journey – and as we crossed into Vermont there was nothing but clear skies. It was the most amazing day – and you were there in my heart the entire time (you still are). Your picture and my note to you are in Dog Chapel – I didn’t say good bye – instead I said until we meet again.

Miss you my dear loyal friend…