This letter from owner Ali to Hannah was written on Tuesday, June 14, 2011Hannah

Dear Hannah,

I never knew how much damage i would have when you left.I knew you wanted to leave,you were in so much pain.And it hurts me to say that for my satisfaction i made you stay with me when really it wasn't about me being happy it was about you.i kept you her trapped in pain just so i was happy when you weren't happy and you were in i am so sorry.You had a great long life for a dog with arthritis that could barley walk,a heart mum er,brain cancer,and water in you lungs.You ment the world to me,i wish i spent every waking secound with you,i know i didnt now that im older,and no matter what i did or or what i said you always loved were my best friend,probably my favorite (person) in the family.Even if people said that dogs dont go to heaven,i know that god would make a special place in heaven just for you.I miss you so much.


owner Ali