This letter from Mummy to Pippa & Prue was written on Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Pippa & Prue,

My gorgeous girls, I miss you both so much. Although Prue you went first, the pain of losing both you and your sister so close together was and still is gut-wrenching. You both died in my arms. I hope you both knew that Mummy loved you very much and I hope you didn't feel alone at the time of your passing.

Pippa I still remember you on your back legs, front feet on my lap, trying ever so hard to be just that bit taller so you could see what was going on. Prue you were a wonderful guide dog for Pippa when her eyes failed her and always up for a cuddle and a tummy tickle. You were both so loyal and loving and will never be forgotten.

Rest easy girls.