This letter from Mudder to Ludwig was written on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Ludwig,

I have always proclaimed myself to be a cat person, and I must admit I am attracted to their curious antics and their quirkiness. They certainly have a lot of "personality."

Even though you're gone the house is not lacking in personality. Between your screwball brother, your nuerotic mother and your fastidious father, we have enough personality in spades.

What is missing in this house is the kindness, gentleness and constant affection that you offered. Not to mention the patience and loyalty. This house is colder with you not in it, and every room feels empty now that you're not laying by my feet, looking up at me with your soft brown eyes.

I took you for granted, Lud. You were the goofy dog who would love ANYBODY, I told myself. As if THAT we're an inherent flaw. I could use some of that affection now. I wish you could comfort me, assure me with a tender nuzzle of your head, that what we did to you was the right thing. And that we did not do wrong by you.

Finny is doing his best to comfort me, but he in no way compares to you.

I love you, Lud. And I'm sorry that nature and "circumstances" dealt you such a cruel hand. If there is a heaven, please wait for me. I've called on a few angels to keep you company until I can look into your kind brown eyes again.