This letter from Mommy to Spooky (Spook) Mulder Riggio was written on Tuesday, October 19, 2010Spooky (Spook) Mulder Riggio

Dear Spooky (Spook) Mulder Riggio,

To my Spook,

Mommy misses you so much...I think of you all the time. I miss you taking away all the bad things when I walked in the door. I miss you making me smile when I didn't think it was possible. I miss people looking at you and being in awe of your beauty, inside and out. I miss you being the best foot warmer in the world. I've had a real hard time since you've been gone...

I love you so much and I always will. I'm a better person by having such a wonderful creature to grace my life. Thank you for everything.