This letter from Mommy to Shilo's Evening Rebel was written on Sunday, December 18, 2011Shilo's Evening Rebel

Dear Shilo's Evening Rebel,

It has been 7 years, 9 months and 17 days since you left us. I still cry for you daily. Although Simon saved my sanity and gave me something to hold on to, you can never be replaced. My grief was so strong I did not want another puppy, but your daddy knew best what I always. I just want you to know that I eagerly await our reunion, when all of us will be together and whole again. I love your visits in my dreams. I believe I can actually feel your little nose on my ankle as you speak to me...yes, you have a voice in my dreams. I give you the treat you ask for (cheese, of course, your favorite) and then you tell me that you will be back. I am fiercely protective of Simon, as you know. I am so afraid I will lose him as I lost you. Time was too short for you, my Shilo. I will never forget you and I will forever love you. Just remember the last words you heard..."Mommy loves you, Shilo. Mommy loves you."

Always, Shilo, always...Mommy loves you.

Missing You,