This letter from mommy to RAINBEAR was written on Sunday, May 30, 2010


MARCH 1ST 2010 you went to sleep. rain i will never be the same. I pray ,I wish I bow to you my heart& soul please forgive me. you were not ready! I keep seeing & hearing the vet saying she is going to wake up are you sure?! omg rain when you lost your hearing and blind I thought maybe you were so uncomfortable maybe unhappy. yet lisa knew my hands were tied it was as she put the gun in my hand you were tring to wake up.please feel my heart it went with you!!!!!!!!!!you were 19 you kept your promise you never leave me and you were and are so much bigger person then most humans you made me peaceful, we are soulmates and you are & were truly amazing spirit and soul. I just cant believe your not here and that day at vet . hear me feel me I love you you are my heart and it went with you.