This letter from Mommy ❤ to Myles was written on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sweet Myles,

It's been a year since I last saw you. I miss you everyday! I look at your pictures and videos everyday to remember the short 5 months we had together. You were my baby, like a child to me you grew with me and I miss petting you and seeing you everyday. You have a little brother now. His name is Dallas. He looks just like you and sometimes I think it is you inside his body helping me through every day. It's been really hard for me to get over your death. I listen to your song a lot and cry because I wish I could take that day back. I would take you to another vet so he could help us get you better. I want to have a memorial for you made because you were a huge part of my life. You made my depression go away. You were the angel that god sent me to protect me and get me through my life. I know daddy misses you too but he keeps it together more than I can. The last time I go to see you was hard. I never wanted to let you go. I have your collar still and I have a picture of you hanging in the kitchen so I can see you everyday. I will never let you go Myles. Daniel says he misses you too. You were an amazing dog Myles. You weren't just a dog. You were my rock, my best friend and my saviour. I would do anything to go back to that day to take you off that table and take you home and make all the pain away. Myles I can never replace you. I remember when we got home, I just felt lost. You usually came in behind us and you would run to the couch to be with us. That night was quiet no little footsteps in the hallway. No one in your bed. I just wanted to remember your smell one more time. I bend down to your bed and an overwhelming feeling of disappointment because I was expecting a big kiss from you as I put my face near yours. I know you would love it in Newfoundland. There is so much space around here for you to run around. I hope there is lots of space for you to play and run around with all the other dogs and puppies and doggy heaven. I will see you again soon Myles. You are an amazing puppy. I miss you everyday and the love I have for you will never disappear or go away. I love you Myles. Rest easy. I just want you to know that I know you were in the kitchen that night months after you were gone. You don't have to be scared you can show yourself to me anytime you want. I love you.

Missing You,

Mommy ❤