This letter from Mommy to Jay bird was written on Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear Jay bird,

I'm not coping well without you, your little voice calling me from another room . Your big birdie kisses , your laughing . I miss it all. I would rush home from work everyday for the last 12 years just to see you. I loved your hugs and I loved how much you loved me and relied on me. I can't believe your gone . This is the most painful thing I've ever had to face.I miss you soooo much. You were the most affectionate loving parrot I have ever seen in my life and I'm so happy you got to spend yours with me. I loved you from the day I met you and I will love and miss you till the day I die. My home is quiet without you and my heart hurts terribly. All I see in my head was you perking up and getting happy when I came to the hospital to say goodbye. That will forever be the worst day of my life! I love you baby boy , it's so much more than I love you