This letter from Mommy to Daisy was written on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Daisy,

Hi sweet baby girl.I miss you sooo much.I lost you on Jan.30 2012 at 6:45 pm.You were getting sick and so i took you to the vet.Daisy i was not prepared for it when he told me you were dying.I agreed to try some new medicine hoping it would help but deep down i knew this fight was not one we could win.

You kept getting sicker and you were struggling to breath i could not watch you suffer anymore.I made that awful call to the vet to let him know it was time.

God how i cried girl.He came to the house that night and you passed peacefully in my arms.I knew when you died i felt you go.I had you privately cremated and now you are back home with me.I will never understand why your previous owners were so cruel to you.A pitbull the most noble of all dogs what a shame.

You were such a crazy little clown.I used to call you my little goofy girl.

Remember christmas mornings Daisy.I would run into the bedroom and shout wake up santa paws came.You and Sweetheart would run down the hall to the living and you would tear into your gifts so excited.Sweetheart always went for her stocking first.I have so many happy memories of you girl.You were so scared of everything when we first rescued you.It was so rewarding to watch you blossom and watch you grow into a beautiful confident happy girl.The funny thing is that you probably forgave your abusers within one hour of your rescue.I am still wishing them eternal torture .A dog as wonderful as you they hurt you so bad.I'm so sorry for that little girl.I love you Daisy I will ALWAYS love you.The day you died my heart broke and my world crashed.I hope when it is my turn to pass that you will be there at the bridge waiting with that silly little grin you always had,we will run to each other and be together again but this time for always.I will never forget you.RIP my sweet baby girl Daisy.You brought me so much joy and happiness.Thank you Daisy for being my furbaby.

Missing You,