This letter from Mommy to Buttons & Eddie was written on Thursday, July 5, 2018Buttons & Eddie

Sweet Buttons & Eddie,

It's been so many, many years now since I lost the two of you. I think of you both often as you were my first very own cats. You saw me through many good times and bad. Divorce, death of my mom, my grandparents, my uncle and many others... You got me through the ups and downs of my marriage, an abusive husband, moving to a new home twice in less than a year, and so many other things. Buttons you were my little ham - pretty girl who loved to play fetch with paper and money, waved your pretty tail on command, and loved to let me dress you up in clothes. My sweet girl you had asthma so bad and a hernia that you were born with which made your asthma worse. You almost died on us one time when you had a tooth pulled and nearly bled to dearth because of the asthma medication preventing your blood from clotting. But luckily you survived and lived another 5 or 6 years. Eddie you were the curious one and the one who loved to play with bottle caps and milk rings. You were a happy kitty and when you purred ity sounded as though someone had started up a Harley. I got the two of you as kittens in front of K-Mart. Someone was giving you away so I referred to you as my blue light special. You came into this world together so after 19 long years together I felt it best to have you pass to the Rainbow Bridge together. Both of you were quite sickly so I thought it was best to let you go. I was still in the middle of my divorce so it was really hard to let you both go. I will always love you though. Someday we will be together again but until then know that I love and miss you both so much. And I am forever grateful that you came into my life.

Missing You,