This letter from mommy to Brandi was written on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Brandi,

On June 12th 2011, it will be 6 years you have left me. I think of you every day still and even though the pain in my heart isn't as painful, it still hurts when I see your photo or watch a video of you.

Remember when you came back to me in my flower garden and spoke to me and told me to go to the nearest shelter & I will find them there?. Well, as you know, I found Rootbeer & Mandi there like you said. Rootbeer is the male version of you. Sadly we had Mandi his sister for 5 & 1/2 years and she was put down on March 10th 2011.

You were right on those two goldens keeping me so busy I wouldn't have time to think of you as much, and yes it got me out of bed after you passed away. I think a month in bed crying and taking sleeping pills was my way of coping with your loss during that month.

Because of you Brandi, I wrote a story of my loss of you and how you lead me to the Corona animal shelter in Corona CA and how I found Rootbeer & Mandi there. That story is now published in a book by a well known author named Joan W Anderson and the book just released is called "Angelic Tails", true stories of heavenly canine companions. Your on page 103 and she titled it "Beautiful Brandi".

I was so honored to have my story of you in this book. This author is the New York times best seller of the book called "Where Angels Walk". I want everyone to know how much I love you. My story of you is on our family website . Just click on the top tab called "angel Brandi" and its there with all of your pictures through the years we spent together.

I never believed in Rainbow bridge. Kind of thought of it like Santa Claus, but when you spoke to me that day in my flower garden and whispered in my ear about rainbow bridge and how happy you were there, I wrote a poem about it, and I'm happy to say is all over the internet on rainbow bridge sites and pet loss sites. I leave you with the poem I wrote that you put in my head to write. I miss you so much sweet Brandi and you will always be in my heart forever.

Love Lanie

Soft whisper

By Lanie Blackmon 12/12/06

My best friend spoke to me last night

a soft whisper in my ear.

I woke up and looked around the room,

I was startled, yet I had no fear.

My best friend said that all is fine

Rainbow bridge is so much more.

That there was so much love up there,

even a beautiful ocean shore.

There is fields and fields of green green grass

and the sky has different shades of blue.

There are flowers, mountains, trees and clouds,

everything they said it was, is true.

My best friend whispered in my ear last night

saying "Please don't cry or be sad.

That what was done, had to be done,

for me to live my life now, so be glad".

My best friend said that I did the right thing

an unselfish act on my part.

And that this pain & sadness I feel

will be gone soon from my heart.

I asked my best friend "How could this be

I miss you so much everyday.

That my heart hurts so much for you,

I wish there could of been another way".

My best friend whispered in my ear last night

"You will always be in my heart.

Go on & live and love another,

because we will never really be apart".

I carry your unconditional love with me

I have done this from the very start".

I whispered back to my best friend last night,

"I'll always love you with all my heart."

My best friend whispered in my ear last night

"it's time for me to go towards the light.

I just wanted to stop & say to you

go on my best friend, I'll be alright.

So good-bye my best friend as I looked up at the sky

a shooting star I see in a straight line.

Moving fast across the sky & out of sight,

I whispered,

"Good -bye my best friend, now, I'll be fine".