This letter from Mommy to Amber was written on Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Amber,

You have made our house a home these past 16 years. I am remembering the times we have had together as I happen by them on my travels. Many of these memories had been forgotten until now.

I remember when you were able to take long walks and enjoy the fresh air and know that you are in heaven with my dad and with Grandma and others running through the fields and enjoying their company.

I feel a bit lost without you. Don't really have a reason to rush home after work to an empty house. Kitty is here and offers some support but miss your smiling face and walks to go outside.

I dropped off many of your supplies to the kennel you stayed in a couple of weeks ago and hope another senior dog and their mom will have good use for them. I kept your beds and the covers for the car seats.....just can't part with everything. Kitty is enjoying the beds.

Your ashes in the house provide some comfort to me. I have received many cards from those who have memories to share. Not sure if I can part with your ashes or where to put them at least for now.

I am so glad we were able to have that last weekend together and for you to be at peace at home. Mommy loves you.