This letter from Mommy, Daddy, Perry & Hayden to Baby Girl was written on Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Baby Girl,

Even though you left me over a month ago, it still feels like yesterday that I had to say goodbye to you. I say a prayer for you and Mingo every night. I know that you are up there right now playing with Mingo. The boys miss you so much! I cried for several days after you left me. I have often kicked myself for leaving you alone that day. I was trying to hurry and come back to you. I even bought you special treats that day to see if you could eat those without any trouble.

My heart breaks everyday when I come home and you are not there. We buried you on the hill right next to Mingo. I buried you in my favorite ratty old green t-shirt. I guess I wanted to make sure a small piece of me was with you at all times! Daddy colored your grave marker blue so I could see you better from the kitchen window.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I often am doing things that I know you liked and catch myself drifting off thinking of you. You loved biscuits, and everytime I made them, all I had to do was holler biscuits are ready and you would come running in with this smile on your face. I can see you running off with the biscuit in your mouth (most of the time the biscuit was bigger than you). Or when I fried bacon you would hang out in the kitchen under my feet licking the floor, and I was always afraid that you was going to get popped by hot bacon grease.

Poncho really misses you. Please don't think that I am trying to replace you, because Lord knows that NO ONE can replace you, but we got another dog. Daddy said Poncho was acting funny and he was worried about him. Kind of like when Mingo passed away, daddy was worried about you so we got Poncho. The new dogs name is Daisy. She is really a good dog. She really looks alot like Mingo, except she is a different color. Daddy said that Mingo would have liked her, I think you would too.

I miss you laying next to me in the recliner or giving me all those great "kisses". It is warm weather now and I can see you in my mind laying in the front yard soaking up the sun. You loved to do that. Anytime the sun would shine and you could find it coming through a window in the house, that is where you would be. I was remembering the other day when we had a terrible thunder storm the time we lived in Ironton. A bad storm hit and you got out of the fence through a small hole and ran off (you were so scared of storms). I ran all over the block looking for you in the pouring rain and lighting. I finally found you after searching for what seemed like forever. To this day I still want to tear up when I think about how I could have lost you that day.

I hope that you are having fun up there with Mingo. Please know that you are in my heart and always on my mind. I am sad that you are gone, but I am glad that you are no longer suffering. I love you and miss you so much my sweet girl! Until we meet again. Please give my love to Mingo also!


Mommy, Daddy, Perry & Hayden