This letter from Mommy, Daddy, Perry, Hayden & Baby Girl to Mingo was written on Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Mingo,

Although it has been almost 10 months since you left me, it seems like it was only yesterday. My heart still breaks for you everyday. Me and Baby Girl was sitting at the top of the steps the other day and I noticed something that made me think of you and I said your name and Baby Girl sat and looked at me and turned her head when she heard your name.

God I miss you sooo much! Come warm weather I am going to go fix your grave back. I took in your lights and bird feeder for the winter. Hayden seen a picture of a dog that looked similar to you and he said, "aww look it's Mingy". That broke my heart. I know the boys drove you crazy, but they sure did love you, and miss you very much. Perry still talks about you all the time. He will say, "Mingy is up in Heaven watching us right now".

Daddy misses you alot! I hope you don't think I am trying to replace you, but I found a rescue dog and adopted him. Baby Girl was getting so lonely and I hated to leave her of a day because she would cry. His name is Poncho and he is... wild! Daddy is a little heartbroken because so far Poncho will not chase a ball or bring it back. He said "I need a dog that I can play ball with, like Mingo". Daddy is always thinking about you.

I was laying in bed the other night and thinking how I used to get on to you for licking the sheets or the pillows and making them wet, or every Christmas you and Baby Girl would keep drinking the tree water and snapping off the branches at the bottom of the tree. Gosh I would love to be able to lay down and see where you had been licking the bed or pillows again. I know that sounds funny, but it is true.

There are times when it is quiet in the house and I will hear the pitter patter of paws and no one will be there. I know that it is you letting me know that you are with us! I wish that I could see you again, and you would sit in my lap and lick me to death like you always did! Our house is not the same anymore without you in it. There will always be an empty spot, that no one will ever be able to fill. I miss you so much. I love you, and always will my precious Mingo!

Till we meet again one sweet day!

Missing You,

Mommy, Daddy, Perry, Hayden & Baby Girl