This letter from Mommy, Daddy & Brothers to Dottie Ruth Clement was written on Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Dottie Ruth Clement,

It's been ten days since we had to make that horrible decision to let you go because you were in pain and gasping for breath. You were so very special to us because you were the kitty that my brother Dan "borrowed" from the shelter to keep our mom, who was receiving hospice care, company during her last days. She had colon cancer which had spread to her liver, lungs, and brain - and I think it's very ironic that the kitty who spent many hours on her hospital bed was gasping for air at the end, just like mom. You both had fluid in the lungs. Dan said the first thought that came to his mind was that Mom wanted Dottie Ruth with her (mom's name was Ruth). I like to remember all the little quirks you had - you were very unique and unlike any cat I've ever had. My husband Jerry loved you as much as I did, it was apparent to me. After mom passed I drove mom's car from Tucson to Washington State where we live, and you were an awesome little traveler. You meowed for a little while, and then you were curious, sometimes sitting on my lap or moving around the car on the piles of stuff I was bringing back with me. Then you'd go back into your carrier and sleep for a while. You were a petite little girl, very thin despite your hearty appetite. You loved to lick nostrils and drink water from the tap in the bathroom. We had our ritual every morning after you laid on me all night long - you'd follow me into the bathroom and I'd turn on the water for you. Then you'd hang out with me while I got ready for work every day. Oh how I miss that. What I wouldn't give to have you back again. And your meow - you had such a distinctive way of meowing, unlike any I've heard before. And when we had a food that you liked, you practically jumped on the plate while meowing that funny meow of yours. Jerry became upset with me because I wanted to hang on to you, but he couldn't bear to see you suffer, and neither could I. My way of coping was to buy a book called "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" by Gary Kurz because I wanted so desperately to know that I'd see you again. This book supports the notion that I will, and it is Bible based. I hang on to that. Dottie, I really, really hope that you are in a place where you are happy, whole, loved, and with Mom! No more suffering for you. We only had you for about fourteen months, but I became so attached to you in that time I felt like I'd had you my whole life. You were such a comfort to me, Dan and Kevin when we lost mom. I think I became even closer to you because you lived in our bedroom all the time, with your own food, water and litter box, because you didn't like the other cats in our house. You were OK with the dog??? but not the other cats! What's up with that? But you were such a "people cat". I am so grateful to Rhonda from the shelter, who loaned us Dottie Ruth to spend mom's last days with her. Naturally, I couldn't let her go back to the shelter because she meant so much to all of us. Even though she was with us such a short time I am very glad that she was in our lives. She gave us so much love, and beautiful memories. Dottie Ruth, you will never be forgotten. Our family's love will always be with you, wherever you are. Rest in peace and love, Dottie. Mommy and Daddy miss and love you always.


Mommy, Daddy & Brothers