This letter from Mommy and Daddy to Jaspurr was written on Sunday, March 23, 2014Jaspurr

Dear Jaspurr,

What a delight and joy you’ve brought to us over our many years together. I know that your journey has taken you to a different place and we don’t have you with us physically to pet and snuggle, but in our hearts and in our minds you live with us every day.

I’ve seen you in moments when I’m sad or down and am reminded of you whenever the sun is upon my face. I take in the love that is all around us and remember your lessons of letting the happy times sink in. You never missed out on the sunrays, as they cascaded through the window, and I too love to have them upon me.

It is hard sometimes to feel that we did everything we could, but I never saw you afraid and you trusted me completely, as we and the veterinarian battled with the cancer that had taken hold of you.

I know you never gave up hope and that is what carried us three along. Hope. During our hard road that passed, hope was not something to ever feel guilty about. You taught me to always have hope and even in the end, you’d never regret having it. It gets you up in the morning and helps you face the lonely nights. Hope and Love. Thank you for these two most special lessons.

I always thought it was me trying to save you and bring you back to health, but in many ways it was you saving me. Saving me from being sad on hard days, and encouraging me to think in healthy ways about life. You taught me so much and I know that although your time here with us has ended, you will continue to teach me new lessons. Lessons of love and hope, as we continue to remember all that you are and have always been.

Jaspurr, we miss you every day in every way. You were our sweet little boy. I still see your adorable face in my mind. Your love was the purest form I have ever known. Daddy and I speak of you very frequently and share memories of you.

You made our lives better, richer and full of happiness. You made us better people just by knowing you.

With all our hearts we will always love you.


Mommy and Daddy