This letter from Mommy and Daddy to Bella was written on Tuesday, October 23, 2012Bella

Dear Bella,


I'm sometimes sad,

I miss your endless grace

A delicate feline

with white and grey face

You were Turkish Angora

Yet found on the street

A dainty fey puzzle

with small furry feet

You had a long life,

Of love faith and wonder

What miracle, Bella, did we live under

And you were the first

You started it all

A Cat with green eyes

If I can recall

You're my inspiration

My familar it's true

You, my kitty fey spirit

You were just you

You walked in the door

You were meant to stay

You weaved our spirits together

They're together today

You were an Emmisary of love

Of hope and of faith

You're part of my Self

You were always great

And so the cats come,

Shy fosters and more

You pushed open the way

You led through the door

Ruffy and Smokie, Prinny, and Nat

CK and fosters

All the magick of Cat

A Turkish Angora

Who slept on Daddy at night

Purring through all

You made it all right.

I remember your play,

I remember the way

You would stretch out in sun puddles

Though most of the day

I remember you chasing

The string along mice

Through winter hallways

Of twilight and ice

Napping with Daddy,

Grooming my hand

Through the scariest of surgery

That was never planned.

You were the first, my fur child it's so

My reason for living and for letting you go

You were the first, of all lovely cats

My little Bella, you're a miracle at that

You were the first, you started it all

I miss you Bella in the wonder of Fall

I picked up your ashes, your pawprint in clay

Where are you Bella, are you ions away?

Do you run through green fields

With Gump, Tiger and friends?

Do you find ways back here cause it can't be 'the end'.

I watch our Ruffy, as he closes his eyes

A low rumbling purr, do the others realize?

That you were the first, my soul mate for sure

A million memories wrapped in meows and purrs

The places where you lay, the others now claim

Thats the way of cats, and they aren't to blame

Living in the moment, pacing through all time

Creatures of mystery, comedy sublime

You started it all, Miss Plume tail it's so

I wish that I didn't have to let go

But it had come time, you told us that

Such is the way of a fey gray and white cat

You could see the others through the portal whence you came

So many years ago a kitten without your name

So you leapt up and out, following Alex I know,

I sensed her in the room, and I watched you go

A last little glimpse of a furry plume tail

As you turned for a second and looked back through the veil

And I smiled through the grief and through many tears

I said I love you Bella, my best friend for years

I'll miss you my Bella, how to say thank you

for the miracle in fur-you started Rescue

And now as I sit here, with a list before me

Of cats needing homes, so many, you see

But I feel you at my shoulder, you brush the air

My Patron Saint of Fur, you make us care

For yes, in the words of Ruffy, he of orange fur

We can't give up, yes trust miracles occur

You were the first cat in from the cold

A small funny feline with eyes that were old

My daughter familar, wrapped in lovely fur

Now I can imagine that I hear your purr

As I watch cats in the window, on the bed with your dad

And somehow, blithe spirit....I know you'd be glad.

D.A.H.K October 10, 2012....the day we got Bella's ashes back...

I will love you my little Bellisimo forevrer.

For and Always


Mommy and Daddy