This letter from Momma to Zeus was written on Wednesday, September 5, 2018Zeus

Dear Zeus,

It has been 19 days since you fell asleep for the last time. I can't help but regret some things. I worry I didn't hold you enough those last few days. I'm sad that I wasn't holding you when you passed like I was supposed to. You went to sleep on the floor by yourself, while I watched TV. I only put you down for maybe 20 minutes. I miss your cuddles so much.

I cry less now than I did before, but that doesn't mean I miss you any less. I'm glad that you're not in pain any longer, but it's just so cruel that you were only able to live 10 months. 10 months of illness and pain. I try to remember that you had good times too. Wagon rides, lots of treats, 100s of toys, and soo many cuddles. But it just wasn't enough.

I love you Baby Zeus. You'll forever be my sweet baby boy.