This letter from Momma to Roxy was written on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dear Roxy,

The day I met you at the shelter I knew you won my heart! You had already been adopted and returned so it was fate that you chose me! Your passing was difficult to accept. The cancer finally won out, and we could do no more. It would have been selfish to keep you alive for our benefit. I did not want you to suffer any longer. You were still walking with your head held high when you went into the vets office. Your tail never stopped wagging. When you came out, your paw was shaved, there was an IV inserted and you were very drugged. I had one split second to tell her not to put you down. I remained silent. I knew it was for the best. Your head became heavy in my hands, your breathing ceased, and your body limp. I knew you were gone, but didn't want to accept it. Please forgive me for putting you down. I apologize for doing this to you, and when we meet again, I hope you will run up to me and wag your tail once more. No more pain, no more cancer, just fun, biscuits, and lots of other friends to play with. I miss you with all my heart Roxy!