This letter from Momma and Daddy to Pluggyboy was written on Monday, April 23, 2012Pluggyboy

Dear Pluggyboy,

My beloved, my dearest sweetest little baby boy! We rescued and found more love than we could have ever imagined. We knew you were full grown but didn't care. You gave us more love and affection and I still to this day cannot understand why your previous owner gave you up. But, I hate to say it, Boy, am I glad they did!!! Because WE got you. And loved you until the day you passed. We loved to cuddle in bed in the covers with you, all we had to say is "go nite nite" and you ran to the bed wanting to get in your stop. We laughed at your playful bouts you would have and especially your toys. All I had to say is the word "toy" and you would go crazy. We must have purchased over $10,000 for toys at Walmart. Only latex toys you would play with. Sometimes I had to hunt and hunt for them to buy when Wallyworld would be out. When we walked through the door, we had to have a plastic bag with a toy in it just for you. You would go crazy and tear that bag up to get at the toy. We have a video of you wanting a toy and showing me where they were. You knew exactly where I hid your toys. It is my prize procession. I am so glad I was at home when you had your heart attack. I held you in my arms and comforted you until you passed. It was so sudden I did not know what was happening until it was all over in a matter of minutes. I truly thank GOD I was at home when HE decided to take you. You came to me because you didn't feel good and wanted to be picked up and loved which I did until you passed in my arms. I kept telling you I loved you and it was okay to go. You looked at me with those big brown eyes until they closed and I knew you had passed when you stopped breathing. We will always love you the most, you were our babyboy, our sweet baby Pluggyboy. RIP my sweet, sweet, baby, Pluggyboy. I love you. Momma and Daddy

Missing You,

Momma and Daddy