This letter from Mom,Dad andChloe to Scamp was written on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear Scamp,

There is not a day that passes that we don't think of you! You were the best buddy I ever had;and,mom misses her little man. You were only 9 lbs.; but, your heart was the size of a giants. Our walks,chasing squirrels,sitting with you on our lap. Times we miss ; but,smiles of great memories. You were an inspiration with your life long heart problem that couldn't stop you from being the loving,caring;and,family protector you so willingly gave to us. We were blessed to have you with us for 12 yrs.. You allowed vet students and doctors to better learn from your malady. Maybe you helped save more lives like you saved ours! I miss not saying good-bye and take care of the house every morning;and, getting my hug when I get home even before I canclose the door. We traveled all over the country and everyone that met you,loved you. Scamp, we will be together again. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge it's your job;as usual,to watch over all our furry children that passed before you. You are so missed little guy!


Mom,Dad andChloe