This letter from "Moma" to Miss "Mouse" was written on Saturday, December 8, 2012Miss "Mouse"

Dear Miss "Mouse",

You died in my arms on Dec.4th,2010 with a Heart went quickly,but you took a piece of my heart with you.I miss the sound of your Meow calling "Moma" when I get up,and we sure worked hard and fought the battle together up and down the road to the vet,the last 6mos. of your life,that we found out you had hyper-thyroid desease.I know you hated to go to the vet and I'd just cry when you did.I put up your favorite rug,so no one else got it.Joleen sure missed you a lot and picked up a lot of your ways as you trained her.I see a lot of the things you taught her like where to go hide,and you thought the clothes basket was a pet taxi,so run. She does ,too.I still love & Miss you my "Mousie".I know you never mated or had kittens,even though you were never spayed,but you didn't seem to mind.We had a bond those last years,and I hope to see you again as you were when you were young.We had 14 wonderful years together,I just hope someday,It will be ForEver. You're in my Heart & Mind untill then>Play in the sun.I Love You.

Missing You,