This letter from mom to Nadir was written on Sunday, April 14, 2013Nadir

Dear Nadir,

Nadir....My sweet Nadir.

You were the first thing I ever had. You came before furniture and utensils. It was you and I curling up together on a floor in a vermin infested apartment when I left home to go to school.

You never had the best life. I was always moving, but I always took you with me. You never complained.

I bought a house and we were finally content. You told me that you were sick when you were 14..:(

I hope that you forgive me for putting you down.

You were ready. When we were at the vets, you put your sweet face in my hand and closed your eyes. I still cry about you ten years later and miss you from the core of my soul.

I love and miss you Bubbies.

Missing You,