This letter from Mom to Katie was written on Thursday, February 4, 2010Katie

Dear Katie,

It's been 20 weeks without you now. Oh sweetheart I miss you still. Sometimes I see your pictures and wish I could jump in. You were my teacher, my daughter, my friend and my protector. I wrote this poem shortly after you passed from my life.

I listen for the pitter patter of your little paws, but they're not there,I look in vain for the furry shadow that used to follow me everywhere.

I miss the belly rubs and even the walks in the cold.

I miss your big brown eyes that spoke to my soul.

I miss your goofy smile and your soft furry ears.

I miss the sound of you drinking from your water bowl.

The spot where you slept sits empty, forlorn.

Just like my heart.

All I have left are the memories and my tears.

Vacuuming your little furballs shoots arrows into my heart knowing there will never be more.

I miss your beg.

I miss sharing my meals with you.

Checking the mail is now a chore without you by my side.

The house is empty and silent and so is my heart.

I know you want me to live for two but how can I?

I don't know where to begin to have a life without you by my side.

It doesn't feel right.

It isn't fair.

I still feel this way sometimes. I still cry sometimes though I know you'd hate to see me sad. Even knowing the end, I'd do it all over again. Your love made me a better person. I still feel you with me. You'll always be in my heart.

Thank you for sending your furry "sister" Wendy to share the next part of my journey.

I love you baby.