This letter from Mom to Kaiser was written on Wednesday, April 18, 2012Kaiser

Dear Kaiser,

Its been 2 years now since you've been gone but seems like it could have been yesterday. I try not to let my heart hurt so much but its hard when you best buddy has been taken away too soon.

I often think of you and how long its been since I've been to you favorite dog park. We had so much fun together and whenever I was sad or upset, you always knew how to get me to feel better.

Alan says hi and he wants you to know he's taking care of me. I remember when he first started sleeping over, you wouldn't have it! You would creep up in between us, like if it was to prove a point :no one sleeps with my mom, except me!" always makes us laugh.

I miss your kisses, you talking "fits", the face you made when you had done something bad and your cuddles. I haven't been able to find another "fur"ever friend, I guess my heart isn't able to yet. I do know that you pushed me to explore the outdoors and find my true self. I love you for it my friend!

See you someday!