This letter from Mom to Dillon was written on Monday, March 4, 2013Dillon

Dear Dillon,

Four and 1/2 years wasn't long enough. I am still in shock that you are gone. Your illness was brief and you did not suffer so I am very thankful for that. I have read the "coping with loss" words and they say to remember good times. There were so many great times in your time spent with me. I remember driving to Austin to pick you up from the rescue. You were so very thin and you were so frightened .. you pooped in the car on the way home! Your first baths were comical ... you were so scared and pooped in the tub. Thank goodness you got used to baths! I loved teaching you what a toy was and how to play. I loved to watch you run ... and boy could you run! You and your best friend Kimber would sound like small ponies running through the fields. You possessed a soft and gentle spirit. So, so gentle.... watching you play with a puppy or kitten would melt anyone's heart. I will miss the way you would come up to me and lay your head in my lap inviting me to rub your sweet, sweet face. My favorite thing about you was your soulful eyes. When you looked at me, your eyes told me how much you loved me. I will miss the way you greeted me with a long low howl. I will miss the way you would stand up with your front paws on the back door to ask to be let in. I will miss your wagging body and all that hair!